Where Agents Take Charge

Superagents are self-assured and self-aware. They set out on every mission with our incredibly sophisticated AI and get better, faster, stronger.

Exceptional Service

Superagents make every experience count. Our AI toolkit arms superagents with all they need to make efficient and purposeful calls with customers.

Reduce Costs

Leverage the power of AI for Dollar savings and significantly improved quality measurement and assurance.

Solid compliance

Superagents live by the code of Total Compliance Adherence. There's no room for non-compliance using our monitor and assist AI.

Agents Do Great Things with Superpowers

Customer dossiers at fingertips

Knowledge is powerful. Our AI toolkit arms superagents with all the information they need about the customer. When they know everything, they set out on the mission with greater confidence.

AI rapid-response strategy

Imagine emotional intelligence combined with guided mission strategy. That's how superagents benefit from AI insights. The result is a series of right steps to arrive at the best situational response.

Precise response recommendations

Precision has a huge impact. Superagents achieve success in their mission by responding effectively and with exceptional accuracy. Our AI makes that possible.

Expertise with continuous feedback

Practice makes perfect. With consistent and constructive feedback about how a customer felt, superagents become experts at delivering the best experience one could ask for. Mission accomplished.

  • Key Partnership

    “Voice AI is a huge opportunity for call center efficiency and improving the caller experience. I’m excited to bring the Observe.ai offering to Talkdesk customers.” – Tiago Paiva, CEO Talkdesk

  • The Start of an Incredible Journey.

    We are excited to partner with PLDT, the largest telecom company in Philippines with deep rooted relationships with every large call center in the region.